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The Story of Wayne Gamm

This is the story of  how a boy, born to White Witches on a remote Welsh sheep farm in
north Wales, struggles to accept and use his power over Fate...

Witches in Wales

Witches in Wales - Fairy Rings

Most people in Britain will assciate witchcraft and wizardry with Wales. Any sportsman from Wales who does well is automatically dubbed the 'Welsh Wizard', although it is a lot harder to call talented females Welsh Witches.

The Welsh, and here I suppose we should be talking about the Celts really, have a very long association with the belief in witches and 'what most people cannot see or do'. Nowadays, we tend to think of the Celts as being in Wales, Ireland and Scotland, but it is actually a lot more complicated than that.

For example, in school, I was led to believe that when the Romans invaded, all the Celts living in what is now called England, took flight into the isolation of the above three countries. I have since learned that there are many pockets of people in England who consider themselves to be Celts.

Anyway, I read somewhere, that the first Celts crossed over to Britain so long ago that there were still Neanderthals there and the scant vidence suggests that they co-existed fairly peacefully.

I hope you realise at this point that I can give you my memories about witches in Wales, but no substantiation for what I am telling you, so take it with a pinch of salt, if you like, or do your own research, if the subject interests you.

However, it has been said, that when the Celts invaded Britain many thousands of years ago, the original inhabitants, 'The Fair Men (people?) fled into Wales. This quote from Wikipedia says it as well as I ever could, so I will just copy it here:

"The Dynion Mwyn (Welsh: Y Dynion Mwyn, meaning 'The Fair Men') tradition is said by its adherents to be derived from Welsh and Pictish religious sources as well as Druidic and witchcraft magickal practices.

"Dynion Mwyn documents claim its priesthood evolved from Welsh Druidism, Pictish witchcraft and Etruscan culture, including in its ancestry Druids, Bards, Ovates, "Faerie Doctors", "Cunning Men", "Men in Black", and "Wise Women"."

Please remember those last two words, "Wise Women", it is very important.

In the 1970's, there was a revival of the traditional thoughts about the 'Fair Men' and the Craft of Y Tylwyth Teg (the Clan of "The Fairy Folk"). In America, it became known as the Coven of Y Tylwyth Teg of Dynion Mwyn, and later "The Church of Y Tylwyth Teg in America".

It is claimed that Lady Diana, The Princess of Wales joined up and took an active part in the USA.

Anyway, witches in Wales did not have the same reputation of wickedness as they did elsewhere in Britain and Europe, because while over 100,000 witches were tortured and murdered in the Sixteenth Century in Europe, only five are know to have been excecuted in Wales over that whole 100 year time span!

This is because witches in Wales played a very important role in society. They were your doctors and vets of old before universities and science discovered other methods. Witches in Wales, and probably in many other places, were relied upon in cases of a medical problem.

They were White Witches.

Only one of those killed in Wales during the witch hunt was accused of being a Black Witch, and it looks suspiciciously like she was set up by a 'friend' to help her get revenge on an enemy. Look up the case of Gwen ferch Ellis from Bettws and Jane Conway.

Witches in Wales were respected for being healers. Witchdoctors and shamans - they were nothing more or less than the doctors of their day.

by +Owen Jones