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The Story of Wayne Gamm

This is the story of  how a boy, born to White Witches on a remote Welsh sheep farm in
north Wales, struggles to accept and use his power over Fate...

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  • Wayne Gamm, Fate Twister, was born to a White Witch mother and normal father on a sheep farm on a remote mountain in north-mid Wales He has powers of his own that he struggles to accept and master
  • These are two very insightful reviews of Wayne Gamm the Fate Twister. Wayne is a shy young man who could change the world, if he but had the confidence. Gradually he finds it with Emma...
  • Welsh mythology was almost rubbed out by the early Christians who sanitised the old stories to turn the old mythical characters into kings and heroic idols
  • The number of myths and legends in Wales is quite inconceivable for most people who do not know tis small country of three million people, but it has been the subject of many takeovers from Europe
  • The Welsh Dragon, Y Ddraig Goch, is famous worldwide among sports fans, but far fewer people even in the UK know about Britain's other dragon, the white dragon, said to symbolise the Anglo-Saxons
  • Annwn is the Welsh word for The Otherworld, a place that features heavily in Celtic mythology. However, it is not the Hell, and it's master is not Satan, as the early Christians would have us believe.
  • Witches in Wales have always had a pretty good press compared to the rest of Europe and America. Read how White Witches were nothing more nor less than the doctors of their days.
  • Welsh cobs and Welsh pomies are very similar breeds. The four classifications of the horses are primarily concerned with height ranging from 12 to greater than 13 hands.
  • The names used in Fate Twister are mostly Eelsh or just Celtic in origin, so this list is meant to give readers a basic idea of where they came from and what they mean.
  • Dead Centre is the latest suspense/thriller b Welsh author from Barry, in South Wales, Owen jones. The story takes place in seven different countries, but always returns to St Davids in Pembroke.
  • This is the Contact Page for the Welsh author, Owen Jones, the writer of 'Fatetwister - The Story of Wayne Gamm' If you would like to get in touch, please send an email
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