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The Story of Wayne Gamm

This is the story of  how a boy, born to White Witches on a remote Welsh sheep farm in
north Wales, struggles to accept and use his power over Fate...

Fate Twister

Fate Twister<> 

Reviewed By Melinda Hills for Readers’ Favorite 5.0 out of 5 stars 1st Oct. 2015

Young Wayne Gamm has a special connection to horses and other farm animals – innocence and an open heart. Fate Twister: The Story of Wayne Gamm by Owen Jones follows Wayne from his birth one stormy night in June to his early twenties. His mother and grandmother, both of whom are white witches, know that his life will be difficult at times – other children and even adults are afraid of Wayne because he is a much larger than average child, but also because strange things seem to happen when he is upset or angry. Wayne doesn’t mind his life on the mountain, however, since he has such a close relationship with his family, his horse Harry, and the other animals on the farm. Because of this connection to horses, Wayne hires on as a stable boy with a circus, which provides him with an opportunity to see more of the world and to become close to Emma, the stable boss’s daughter. Wayne and Emma add a musical act to the circus, which makes them quite popular and, with a little white magic, they become a successful act in New York. How far will their talent – musical and magical - take them?5 Star Review

Wonderful descriptions and realistic dialogue take you right into the mountains of Wales and the early life of Wayne Gamm in this excellent story describing his life and talents. Fate Twister: The Story of Wayne Gamm by Owen Jones, although paranormal, deals more with the progress of Wayne’s life and how he deals with the abilities he has, as well as the protection and influence of his mother and grandmother. As a coming of age story, Wayne has a lot to learn about ‘the wide world,’ but his love for Emma and trust in her help him through. As a Fate Twister, Wayne subtly alters situations and his instructions to Emma for meditation provide a great lesson for readers as well in terms of setting goals and using positive imagery to achieve results. I highly recommend Fate Twister: The Story of Wayne Gamm to readers of all ages as a feel-good story with a positive message, as well as a bit of a paranormal peril.


5.0 out of 5 stars A gentle Paranormal tale with subtle menace, October 10th, 2014

This review is about: Fate Twister: The Story of Wayne Gamm (Kindle Edition)
The word paranormal means ‘beyond scientific understanding’ and encompasses far more than vampires and werewolves and the like. I need to clarify this now because in ‘Fate Twister’, author Owen Jones has created a gentle paranormal tale which follows the early life of Wayne Gamm. His protagonist was born in the Welsh mountains, on a sheep farm belonging to his parents, and Jones recreates the ambience of that region and its people with delicate accuracy.

Yet Wayne Gamm is no ordinary child. His mother and Grandmother are both powerful White Witches and young Wayne has inherited their abilities, though, unlike them, has next-to-no control over them. Many live in not a little fear of Wayne’s involuntary reactions to any kind of provocation or conflict that crosses his path. Here, and throughout the novel, the author masterfully creates a sense of underlying menace where Wayne’s, and that of the female members of his family, potential responses to Life’s curveballs are never far from the reader’s mind.

The story follows his life as he grows up in the mountains, using his powers unknowingly to help others. His particular affinity for animals, especially horses, results in his working for a circus and travelling away from his beloved mountains. It’s there where he meets someone who will shape the course of his future.

While reading the story, I was constantly recalling the movie ‘Forrest Gump’, for the character of Wayne Gamm and the adventures he undertakes are, in many ways, a parallel to that tale, minus the celebrities of course. It’s an original story that offers hope and warmth, and a pleasing break from the well-trammelled paths of popular paranormal.